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The tick, ticking of hours lonely… I hear the alarm
I used to hear when she would sleep in my arms.

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but you can lay with me so it doesn’t hurt

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Listen to MIke D yell at a ill-informed radio producer because sometimes it’s really fun to be wrong:

—Sean, Sideshow


FIFA World Cup 2014 Kick-off in Brazil

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"I have been overseas in Afghanistan and in NATO nations for half a decade while the insanity of the National Rifle Association expanded and exploded, and the NRA became, essentially, the tool of death in the United States. They made mass killings normal.

Well done, NRA. But this shit is too much."
That’s It. I Am Coming Home. by Lt. Col. Robert Bateman (via esquire)
"They say it’s lonely at the top, in whatever you do,
You always gotta watch motherfuckers around you.
Nobody’s invincible, no plan is foolproof,
We all must meet our Moment of Truth."
— Guru, “Moment of Truth,” from Gang Starr’s Moment of Truth, 1998 (via rapquote)